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Yate Bowen Therapy

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Work

Scar tissue, either resulting from an accident, surgery, trauma or also internal scarring can have devastating effects on the body. McLoughlin's Scar Tissue Release can help significantly in a number of ways.


When the body repairs itself the scar tissue develops into a hard discoloured immobile mass of tissue. This both limits the mobility of not only that area, but also other areas as the tissue connectivity dictates that each area will affect many others. It is quite common for instance after removal of an appendix to experience lower right back pain and also left shoulder pain. Once the scar tissue has been worked on mobility can often be considerably increased as shown in the photos within the attached link - including photos of one of my clients. 

Increased Sensation

The scar tissue is generally so tightly packed that is constricts blood flow and also limits sensation to the area. In many cases there is an increase in sesnation to the area following scar tissue work.


Scar tissue is generally discoloured and lumpy and can also cause indented areas due to the tension within the scar tissue This technique lessens the identations and increases the blood flow, thus allowing normal colour to return to the scarred area so they are much less noticeable. There are many photos showing this within the attached link. Please note that some of the photos were taken immediately following treatment so the pink areas are due to immediate increased blow flow and this will disappear a short while after leaving a smoother and less visable scar.

Emotional Release

Depending on the reason behind the scar there can often be a lot of emotion caught up within it also. It is quite common for clients to experience an emotional release during or following treatment.

Please look at the link below