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Yate Bowen Therapy


"Following my visits to you after a recommendation from my brother, I would just like to say a massive thank you.

I came to you with a measure of scepticism that you could fix a pain that I had in the right hand side of my neck.

I could not turn my head all the way around to the right which as a lorry driver I need to do when reversing.

After one visit you had not only made feel better but most of the pain had gone and I could nearly turn my head all the way to my right.

After my second visit to you this movement on my neck improved and you also relieved the pain I had in my back.

On the third visit I told you that following hip replacement surgery one of my legs was shorter than the other one and you corrected this using the Bowen Treatment and explaining that my muscles had not returned to the correct position after the operation.

I can say I feel younger as a result of the treatments you have given me and have very little pain apart from the odd twinge.

If you get anyone who needs reassurance about the process please pass on this review to them.

Thank you once again."

Peter Langdon

"Before I saw Anna my neck was so painful. When driving I couldn't turn right as I couldn't turn my head properly - so had to turn left and then re-route my journey! Reversing also very tricky! After first treatment there was a huge improvement after second treatment neck pain totally gone - (I had had neck pain for 10 years). It has never returned - I've almost forgotten I had a neck problem. It also helped plantar fasciitis which I have in both my feet. And my knee pain due to a torn cartilage.

I'm now competing in dog agility and have started running.

During and after the Bowen treatment is the most relaxed I've ever been. It's fantastic. During treatment the moves are so tiny you feel nothing is happening. After the second or third move you feel it working and feel so relaxed. It's such a subtle treatment but has a huge effect."

Jayne Phillips